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SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience – 10th July, NR Region, Mechanical Engineering

One of the finest interviews of CGL 2014.

Kudos Manish Kumar!!
You have rocked the interview.

For readers, if you say your favorite subject is XYZ , you should have a proper knowledge of that . This interview experience depicts exactly how that knowledge can be put to use.

We thank Manish Kumar for sharing his detailed Interview with us so that other aspirants can learn and benefit from it.

Interview place- Delhi NR region
Interview date – 10/07/2015
Time -3 p m
Duration around 20 minutes
Panel B
Graduation- mechanical and automation engineering) 6 week training in NTPC Delhi.
Favorite subject- Thermodynamics and Engineering Drawing

There were 4 members ,3 male and 1 female all are very cooperative. I am not good in English after answering few question in English chairman asked me if I am more comfortable with Hindi. I said yes.Then I answered all in Hindi.

Ch- Difference between mechanical and automation engineering?
Me- Tried to answered but I was wrong

Ch- What is entropy ?
Me- It is the degree of randomness of any substance.

Ch- What is state of our body’s entropy. Is it increasing ,decreasing or remain constant.
Me- Sir from the birth to the adolescence stage our entropy increases continuously.

Ch- Why ?
Me- Because our body’s area and volume increases,each molecule cell expand and blood circulate more randomly in body.

Ch- How is NTPC making good use of ash coming from its plant?
Me- Ash is being used for making bricks and also used in cement industry.

Ch- What technology used by NTPC for reducing the air polution which comes from its plant?
Me- Sorry sir,don’t know the answer.
Then he told they are using a very fine mesh on the chimney which precipitate out the solid and heavy particle.

Ch- What is boiler?
Me- It is a heat exchanger device which gives heat to the water and convert it to the steam.

Ch- What is heat exchanger?
Me- Heat exchanger is the device which works on the principle of zeroth law of thermodynamics and exchange the heat.
Now lady asked

Mam- Our prime minister is on foreign visit. Presently in which country he is ?
Me- Russia for BRICS SUMMIT

MAM- Full form of BRICS?
Me- Brazil ,Russia,India,China, South Africa

Mam- difference between high commissioner and ambassador?
Me- the Indian envoy to foreign country which are part of common wealth nation,they are high commissioner and rest of the country ambassador.

Mam-What are common wealth nation?
Me- The countries which were under British dominance including Britain are called commonwealth country.

Mam- Who wrote national anthem?
Me- Shri Rabindra Nath Tagore.
Then she said he is not shri….he is gurudev..then again OK shri kah sakte h

Mam- Had he wrote national anthem of other counties ?
Me – Yes mam, he wrote national anthem of Bangladesh

Mam- What is Dravid,utkal and bang in national anthem?
Me-Mam dravid is used for south indian people and bang for bangali people and not know the utkal….actually utkal is for Orissa

Mam- 3 pillars of democracy?
Me- Legislature,Executive and Judiciary

Mam- Animals on national emblem?
Me- bull,horse,deer, and hippo. Four lion and a wheel with 24 four spoke which is signify the dharm chakra parivartan


Now Male 2

M2- What is IC engine ?
Me- fuel burn inside the engine is IC engine. It is of 2 types- petrol engine and diesel engine.

M2- Laws of thermodynamics?
Me- There are 4 laws of thermodynamics
Zeroth law,first law,second law,third law,

M2-What is right to education?
Me- it is fundamental right given my Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee govt. In 2002 .In this , Children of age 6 to 14 are eligible for compulsory education

M2- What is right to information?
Me- It is a right given by Shri Manmohar Singh government in 2005 . In this,we are given right to ask any information from govt departments. In democracy we should have right to know what is going on in govt.

M2- What type of turbine used in hydro power generation?
Me- There are 2 types of turbine 1st high pressure low discharge and 2nd low pressure high discharge
First one called pelton and don’t know the second one.

M2 – What type of turbine used by NTPC?
Me – Sorry sir …I have forgotton


Now M3

M3- What is the role of ignition pipe in IC engine?
Me – It produces the spark due to which fuel burns and engine gets power.

M3- What is the role of battery in IC engine except providing current for spark plug?
Me- It is used to give power to the motor which synchronizes the engine and it starts( self start) and also stores the current which is produced by the motor after it behaves as a dynamo.

Then they said OK you can go
I was nervous….and I am sure they have noticed me…..don’t know what will happen.

Don’t be nervous dude , you have done very well.

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