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SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience-01 July 2015 , NR Panel , Mechanical and Automation Engg

Abhimanyu Sagar


Background: B.Tech (Mechanical and Automation)

Interviewing Jury- 3 male + 1 female
2 male and female was good but the last male was thinking that he is the smartest man on planet!

Questions & answers. These are my answers. These could be wrong or right.

Q1. How is ozone layer getting depleted explain in detail?
Ans: Explained
Q2. Ozone + CO reaction.
Ans: O3 + CO = CO2 + O2
Q3. FIFA full form and no. of world cups played?
Ans: Federal International Football Association and 20
Q4. What is automation? Why is it used?
Ans: Explained
Q5. Internal Combustion engine & external combustion engine?
Ans: Answered but not convincingly
Q6. Harmful emission (pollution) through vehicles?
Ans: Petrol engine- CO2 and many more. Earlier CFC as well (greenhouse effect)
Diesel engine- CO2+ NO2
Q7. What kind of pollution NO2 causes.
Ans: Acid rain
Q8. Few questions on Hobbies and interest.
Ans: this differs with every individual.

Now there comes the smartest one on the panel
Q1. Measure of angles of Hexagon?
Ans: Sir this differs always.
Interviewer replied- you are wrong!
Q2. Measure of angle of equilateral hexagon?
Ans: Sir 120
Interviewer commented: Ok! Ok!
Q3. Make equilateral hexagon on paper.
Ans: Made on sheet
Interviewer replied: No, all sides are not equal!
(I was thinking that my hands are not vernier calliper, jo exact bana denge!)
Q4. Perpendicular lines ke beech m angle?
Ans: (I gave a big smile) Sir its 90°
Interviewer replied: Ok! Ok!

Now Chairman stopped him and started asking some questions
Q1. Now a days petrol prices are fluctuating so much. What do you thing what is happening?
Ans: International market down.
Q2. Demand down? Or Supply high?
Ans: Told
– US creating shell gas to decrease demand of petrol.
– Rupee depreciates and appreciates
– Problems of Russia (3rd largest producer of petroleum) and Iraq(top most producer) with USA.
Q2. Who is the national champion of swimming?
Ans: Men: Virdhawal Kade
Women: Shikha Tondon
Q3. What is medley in swimming?
Ans: Its a combination of all strokes in one race.

Few more ques which i was not able to answer.

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