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SSC CGL 2014 CPT Experience


A big thanks to Neha Garg for sharing her Experience with SSCTUBE and thereby helping hundreds of CPT Aspirants.


My cpt/dest experience [I hope it will be useful for everyone ]

Formalities – It’s a normal procedure that includes your signature on the attendance sheet, your biometric, then a copy to be filled which they give, one photograph to be pasted and it’s complete.


Phase 1 Typing: A normal passage comprising 3 paragraphs and with some capital letters in it. Make sure to write name, roll number, date and sign it. 15 minutes for this test [ A two minute trial test will be given prior to this , as said by SSCTUBE, I followed it and firstly ensured That the keyboard was working alright in the 2 minutes trial test]


Phase 2Excel sheet

Important Points :
1.Save your file with the name SSC_roll no ( kindly enter your roll number)

2.A simple sheet with year 2012, year 2013, absolute function and percentage [ for this please refer to excel sheets shared by SSCTUBE.,they were very helpful ]

3.Color the cells as given in the sheet

4.Save again the file

5.You may also check the print preview to ensure if it’s correct

Phase 3 – PPT
(Personally I found it quite lengthy)
Important Points to remebers:
1.Again save it as SSC_roll number
2.Do as per the instructions
3.Do take shape fill and shape outline, compound line you can take upto 3.25
4.Then do check the font type, font size, colors etc
5.Insert footer with date, time, name.##### and roll number #####
6.Again save the slide

Last step – it’s time to move out. grin emoticon


I am sharing a slide here . This is not exactly the one which came in CPT but it is very much similar to it.



Just keep Calm and it would be done easily. All the best people.

SSCtube Online Test Series

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  1. Thanks to SSC TUBE and Neha Garg for sharing such experience.

  2. I did some mistakes there in PPT. The font size of Sub title was not correct. The background color ofnthe content should be very light but in my print out it was quite dark( Letters/Content was readable) and Bullets formatting was not proper. I mean, Letters was below bullets, and not like as given in Passage.
    And the third one, which i feel that, My name was big so I did not write NAME and then My name, instead I wrote only my name which is DIVYANSH TRIPATHI.

    Is there any chance that I’ll be qualified in CPT.
    BTW, Excel sheet was good. I did only one mistake which was that I highlighted the answer in a little dark way.

    Please tell me. I want CSS.

  3. Hi, i didn’t write “Name: XXXXXXX” or “Roll No.: XXXXXXXX”. Instead i wrote “XXXXXXX” “XXXXXXX” where name and roll no. were to be placed.
    Will my PPT be checked?

  4. i am balram kumar
    dear sir please give me ans when will u cgl post 2014 i gave cpt exam allhabad & when will come for post please give me ans id

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