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SSC CGL 2014 CPT Experience 22/07/15 NR Region



CPT Experience: Pankaj Dutt

Venue: All India Institute of Local Self Government, Janakpuri, Delhi (Northern Region)
Background: B.Tech Civils, Masters in Business Economics (M.B.E.), 2 yrs experience in software company and also worked as Research Associate (R.A.) in a Govt. project for 6 months.
Date of CPT: /7/2015
Note: Take original documents and call letter given at the time of interview (although they are not checking them)
Must carry: 3-4 Photographs, Admit card of CPT, Identity Proof and 1 Pen

Important points to keep in mind for CPT:

  1. Typing: [icon type=”vector” icon=”momizat-icon-file-word” size=”32″ hover_animation=”border_increase” ]
    Length of passage was as usual but this time passage was tricky as it contains many CAPITAL letter in middle of lines, many question marks (?) and commas (,) but no numerical values.
    One most important point is that an entire line was repeated in passage given, so take care of it while typing and re check your passage to avoid this kind of mistake after completing it.
    Finally check space in starting of paragraph (Tab) and space after one paragraph.
  2. Excel: [icon type=”vector” icon=”momizat-icon-file-excel” size=”32″ hover_animation=”border_increase” ]
    It was the easiest part of CPT; common questions like absolute increase/decrease, percentage increase/decrease and total.
    Take care of numerical values given although not very lengthy but given in decimal format (like 110.1).
    Second most important thing is to insert Header file path on one side and time/date on another right hand side.
    Third take care of data given in first row or heading row as it has data in different lines but in same cell. Here you need to use wrap text or you can use Alt+Enter to go to next line in same cell.
    Fourth and most important font type (usually they are giving Georgia) bold/italic/centered/underlined etc, font size, coloring cells as given and alignment (left or right or center).
  3. Power Point (PPT):[icon type=”vector” icon=”momizat-icon-file-powerpoint” size=”32″ hover_animation=”border_increase” ]
    Lengthy in terms of typing so you need to type a little bit fast there was a Title, Heading, Sub headings(bullets).
    Font used here was again Georgia but different font size for title, heading and sub headings.
    Learn how to insert footer with time/date, name (middle) and roll number (right most side). Font was Victoria for footer and font size was given.
    You need to know background fill option for heading and subheading. Heading and subheading was given in double line box and entire PPT we need to capture in a single box so if you are not familiar with these options (how to insert double line the outline and entire PPT in a single box) you can be in trouble.
    Finally re-check your PPT for font size, any error while typing and bold/italic/underline (font type) and alignment (left/right/center)
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  1. Sir …..there are number of post in SSC cgl 2014 in which no. Of vacancy are zero….sir is it going to remain zero????? Or will it increase????? Plz clarify ….

  2. Which MS Office version do they use?? 2007 or 2003

  3. many thanks this was helpful 🙂

  4. Hello,

    I have one doubt.
    If there is some mistake in the content given like wrong spelling or no space between 2 words.
    Then do we have to copy exact same content or write corrected version

    Like In the post it is mentioned that an entire line was repeated in the passage.
    In this case, should be write the line two times or just one time.


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