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One Word Substitution – Day Three

one word substitution


Please note that many words shared by us have come in previous years of SSC CGL and other words in the list are included on the same pattern . So there are high chances that you directly get questions based on words shared here.


Today’s ten words 

  1. One who doubts the existence of God – Agnostic
  2. To turn friends into enemies – Alienate
  3. Payment of money allowed to wife by husband on legal separation – Alimony
  4. Commencement of words beginning with same letter. eg., Dancing Daffodils – Alliteration
  5. A lover of others , someone who does good for humanity – Altruist
  6. A person who does something for pleasure – Amateur
  7. A person who is able to use both hands with equal skill – Ambidextrous
  8. A statement open to more than one interpretation – Ambiguous
  9. Having opposing feelings – Ambivalent
  10. Loss of memory – Amnesia


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