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One Word Substitution – Day Four

one word substitution


Please note that many words shared by us have come in previous years of SSC CGL and other words in the list are included on the same pattern . So there are high chances that you directly get questions based on words shared here.Learn these 10 words daily. 


Today’s Digest

  1. Loss of voice – Aphonia
  2. Who abandons his religious faith – Apostate
  3. Person appointed by parties to settle the dispute between them- Arbitrator
  4. A government by nobles – Aristocracy
  5. A mechanic or craftsman – Artisan
  6. One who torments the body for the good or the soul – Ascetic
  7. The process by which plants manufacture food – Assimilation
  8. A place of refuge or shelter – Asylum
  9. One who does not believe in the existence of God – Atheist
  10. A government by one person, despotism – Autocracy


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  1. 7 should be Photosynthesis

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