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Important One Word Substitution – Day Sixteen

one word substitution


The Words shared by us comes from different Sources . Previous year Papers, last year topper’s notes and commonly used words from newspaper are among the major source of information for this section. We have tried our best to accommodate the most important words so that candidates need not waste their time to learn thousands of words unnecessarily . Don’t miss this golden opportunity to have an SSCTUBE Edge over the other candidates . Learn all the words shared by us daily and score additional marks which isn’t possible otherwise due to vastness of this topic.


Today’s Digest

  1. Place of burial – Cemetery
  2. To have a very high opinion of oneself – Conceit
  3. Inability to sleep – Insomnia
  4. One who is given to pleasures of the flesh – Epicurean
  5. To feel or express disapproval of something or someone – Deprecate
  6. Handwriting that cannot be read – Illegible
  7. Animals that can live on land and in water – Amphibians
  8. Easily duped or fooled – Gullible
  9. Fear of water – Hydrophobia
  10. To agree to something – Assent



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