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Important One Word Substitution – Day Twelve

one word substitution


Please note that many words shared by us have come in previous years of SSC CGL and other words in the list are included on the same pattern . So it is very much probable that you directly get questions based on words shared here.Learn these 10 words daily. 


Today’s Digest

1. Building in which dead bodies are kept for a time – Mortuary                                                                  2. One who believes in gaining pleasure – Hedonist                                                                                    3. One who breaks the established traditions and image – Iconoclast
4. Property handed down after the death of a person – Legacy
5. General view of a person’s character – Profile
6. Wild and noisy disorder – Pandemonium
7. First public speech – Maiden speech
8. One who doesn’t follow usual rules of social life – Bohemian
9. Placing a thing beside another – Juxtapose
10. Expert in scientist study of birds – Ornithologist


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