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English Vocabulary – Daily Digest , Day Two

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1. Deprecate:

verb – to express strong disapproval of; deplore; abhor; frown on; detest; despise
antonym – praise, overrate
2. Bewildered:

ajdective – perplexed by many conflicting situations of statements; confused, baffled, confounded


verb – to cause to be confused emotionally
antonym –  bemuse
3. Foray:

verb – to steal goods; take as spoils.

Foray into:

verb – to enter into someone else’s territory and take spoils.
Noun – a sudden short attack.
4. Nascence:

noun – the event of being born.
5. Ceding:

verb – to give over; surrender or relinquish to the physical control of another. Concede; grant; cede; surrender.
6. Repression:

noun – a state of forcible subjugation

adjective – restrictive of action; inhibitory; repressing

verb – repress; quash; subdue; subjugate; reduce; keep down.

verb – to put down by force or intimidation.
7. Congregate:

verb – to come together, usually for a purpose.

noun – a group of people who adhere to a common faith and habitually attend a given church; congregating.
8. Piety:

noun – righteous by virtue of being pious.
9. Impious:

adjective – lacking piety or reverence of a god; impiety.
10. Blaspheme:

verb – to utter obscenities or profanities; to speak of in an irreverent or impious manner; curse; cuss; swear; imprecate.

noun – blasphemous language (expressing disrespect for god or sth. sacred)

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