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English Vocabulary- Daily Digest , Day 3

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1. Cognizance:

noun – having knowledge of; awareness; consciousness; knowingness.
antonym –  incognizance
2. Wither:

verb – to become dry & shriveled, as with a loss of moisture; fade; shrink; shrivel; shrivel up
3. Dither:

verb – be indecisive; an excited state of agitation; make a fuss; tremble; palpitate; quake; quaver; tremor.
4. Ameliorate:

verb – to make sth (bad or satisfactory) better; mend; improve; meliorate.
antonym –  deteriorate.
5. Grotesque:

noun – comically/repulsively ugly or distorted; preposterous; ludicrous; fanatic; hideous; antic.

6. Superficial:

adjective – not thorough, deep or complete; lacking depth of character or understanding; trivial; shallow; ostensible; frivolous; desultory.
antonym- analytical; detailed; profound.

7. Evanescent:

noun – chiefly literal, soon passing out of sight/memory/existence; transient; fleeting; tenuous; volatile; ephemeral; unenduring; momentary.
antonym – eternal; perpetual; interminable.

8. Pervasive:

noun – spreading widely throughout an area or a grp of people, extensive; permeative; inescapable; pervading; rife; Ubiquitous; comprehensive; rampant; regnant.
antonym –  trivial; concentrated; rare; limited.

9. Debacle:

noun – a sudden and ignominious failure; fiasco; catastrophe; slaughter; blue ruin; rout; vanquishment.
antonym – boon; miracle; wonder.

10. Ostracize:

verb – to banish; shun; exile; cold shoulder; expatriate; oust; debar; repudiate; veto; scorn; censure.
antonym – embrace; accept.

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