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English Vocab – Daily Digest , Day Six

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English vocabulary


1. Outbreak:

noun – A sudden breaking out; occurrence; eruption; An insurrection.

synonym –  Brawl; Commotion; Ebullition; Epidemic; Tumult; Turbulence; Turmoil; Riot; Bustle.

antonym –  Conclusion; Finale; End.


2. Reconcile:

verb – To cause to accept; Cause to become amicable; To make peace, adjust.

synonym –  Accord; Accustom; Bury the Hatchet; Mitigate; Placate; Propitiate; Winover.

antonym –  Disagree; Refuse.


3. Forego:

verb – To go before; Precede; Do without.

synonym –  Eschew; Forfeit; Refrain; Relinquish; Renounce.


4. Fatuous:

adjective – Foolish or insane especially in an unconscious, complacent manner; Unreal; Illusionary.

synonym – Absurd; Puerile; Birdbrained; Imbecile; Lunatic; Ludicrous.

antonym –  Aware; Asinine; Smart.


5. Fastidious:

adjective – Excessively particular, critical or demanding; Hard to please.

synonym – Meticulous; Captious; Dainty;; Nitpicky; Punctilious; Squeamish.

antonym –  Uncouth; Prissy; Chary.


6. Artful:

adjective – Slyly crafty or cunning; Deceitful; Tricky.

synonym – Archaic; Adept; Dexterous; Ingenious; Shrewd; Elusive; Evasive.

antonym –  Ingenuous; Naïve; Artless.


7. Propinquity:

noun – Closeness; nearness in place/relation/nature/time.

synonym – Affinity; Solidarity; Vicinity; Kinship.


8. Propensity:

noun – A natural inclination or tendency; An inclination to do sth.

synonym – Competence; Penchant; Proclivity; Proneness; Susceptibility; Sweet tooth; Yen.

antonym – Antipathy; Dislike; Aversion.


9. Defer:

verb – To postpone; To put off to future.

synonym –  Prorogue; Impede; Procrastinate; Put on ice; Protract.

antonym –  Forge; Expedite forward.


10. Defiler:

noun – A person or organization that causes pollution.

Defiled: adjective– Morally blemished, stained or impure; Maculate

Defile: verb – to pollute; Tarnish; Sully; Taint.


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