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English Vocab – Daily Digest , Day Seven

eng vocab

English vocabulary


  1. Futile:

adjective – producing no result or effect; Otiose; Unavailing.

  1. Prerogative:

noun – a right reserved exclusively by a particular person or group (esp. hereditary) Privilege; Perquisite.

  1. Dissent:

 verb – the act of protesting; objection.
noun/verb- of different opinions

  1. Subvert:

verb – to cause the downfall (esp. of rulers); Overthrow; Bring down.

  1. Lament:

verb – to express grief verbally; Unfortunate; Deplorable; pitiful.

  1. Panegyric:

adjective – formally expressing praise; Eulogy; Encomium; Paean; Eulogize.

  1. Trot:

noun – a gait faster than a walk; Jog; Lope; Wad.

  1. Debilitate:

verb – to make weak; Enfeeble.
adjective – Enervated; Asthenic.

  1. Coup D’oeil:

noun – a quick look.

  1. Emanate:
    verb- to proceed or issue forth.
    noun – act of emitting/radiating.
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