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English Vocab – Daily Digest , Day Fourteen

eng vocab

English vocabulary

1. Upbeat

noun – a contented state of being happy & healthy & prosperous
noun – an unaccented beat(another meaning)
adjective – pleasantly (even unrealistically) optimistic
Synonym – eudemonia, cheerful, pollyannaish
Antonym – ill being


2. Robust

adjective – sturdy and strong in form, constitution or construction
Synonym – full bodied, racy
Antonym – frail

3. Consortium

noun – an association of companies for some definite purpose
Synonym – pool, syndicate


4. Consort

noun – the husband or wife of a reigning monarchverb – to keep company with; to hang out with
Synonym – associate, affiliate, syndicate


5. Recede

verb – to pull back or move away or backward
verb – to become faint or more distant
Synonym – withdraw, retreat, pull away
Antonym – advance, gain


6. Procurement

noun – the act of getting possession of something
Synonym – procural, procurance, acquisition


7. Interception

noun – act of intercepting; preventing something from proceeding or arriving

Synonym – bar, catch, grab


verb – to seize on its way
Synonym – stop



8. Fleece

verb – to rip off; to ask an unreasonable price
Synonym – chisel, shave, shear
Antonym – undercharge


9. Apathy

noun – an absence of emotion or enthusiasm
Synonym – numbness, passivity, soullessness


10. Ammunition

noun – projectiles fired from the gun

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