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English Vocab – Daily Digest , Day Four

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English vocabulary

1.       Beguile:

verb – to attract (cause to be enamored); influence by slyness; charm or enchant someone in a deceptive way;

synonym –  Deceive; Delude; Swindle; Captivate; Entrance; Enamor; bewitch; Coax; decoy; enthrall; intrigue; counterfeit.

antonym – repel; unappealing;  Repulse.

2.       Belittle:

verb – To lessen the authority, dignity or reputation of; Express a negative opinion of cause to seem less serious.

synonym –  Denigrate; Depreciate; Decry; Scoff at; Underrate; Scorn; Blister; Condemn.

antonym –  Exonerate; Commend; Exaggerate.

3.       Besiege:

verb – to cause to feel distressed/worried; surround so as to force to give up.

synonym –  Assail; Confine; Congregate.

antonym –  Let go; leave alone.

4.       Prophylactic:

adjective – Preventive; Contraceptive; Armor.

5.       Antagonistic:

adjective – Incapable of harmonious association; Acting in opposition; Unfriendly; Hostile.

synonym – Combative; Hostile; Inimical; Loath; Nasty; Perverse; Belligerent; Bellicose; Acrimonious; Resentful; Pugnacious; Cantankerous; Strenuous.

antonym – Agreeable; Kind; Friendly.

6.       Purgative:

noun – Strongly laxative; Cathartic.

synonym – Cleanser; Aperient; Laxative; Purge; Physic; Emetic; Eliminatory; Evacuative.

7.       Flimsy:

adjective – Not convincing; Lacking substance or significance.

noun – A thin kind of paper.

synonym – Insubstantial; Frail; Diaphanous; Fragile; Meager; Dainty; Decrepit; Gratuitous.

antonym – Healthy; Sound; Strong; Convincing; Plausible; Sturdy.

8.       Disguise:

verb – To change the appearance or guise of so as to conceal the identity or mislead.

noun – Act of disguising.

synonym – Camouflage; Cloak; Veil; Counterfeit; Pageant; Masquerade; Farce;

antonym – Honesty; Reality; Truth.

9.       Callous:

adjective – emotionally hardened.

verb – to make or become callous.

synonym – Blind to; Obdurate; Stubborn; Apathetic; Ferocious; Savage.

antonym – Compassionate; Merciful; Tender; Sensitive.

10.   Benevolence:

noun – An act of kindness; a charitable gift

synonym – Altruism; Generosity; comity; Good will; Compassion.

antonym – Cruelty; Greediness; Malevolence; Animosity; Hatred.

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