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English Vocab – Daily Digest , Day Five

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English vocabulary

1. Discomfiture:

noun – anxious embarrassment; frustration; disconcertion; abashment; descent; vanquishment.
antonym –  surrender; rout.
2. Partisan:

adjective – devoted to a cause or party
noun – an ardent & enthusiastic supporter of some person or activity
synonym –  adherent; guerrilla; bigot; cliquish.
antonym –  disinterested
3. Emolument:

noun – compensation received by virtue of holding an office or having employment; recompense; reparation; stipend.
4. Honorarium:

noun – a fees paid for a nominally free service; complimentary fee; Gratuity; Renumeration.
antonym –  forfeit; Forfeiture.
5. Sinecure:

noun – an office that involves minimal duties; A benefice to which no pastoral duties are attached; Benefice.
6. Perquisite:

noun – an incidental payment/benefit/advantage over & above regular income; Perk; Gravy; Lagniappe.
7. Parsimony:

noun – extreme or excessive economy or frugality/stinginess; niggardiness.Frugality; skinflint. ->

adjective –  frugal; scotch; scanty; meager.
antonym –  wasteful; extravagant; prodigal; profligate; profuse.
8. Imperil:

verb – to put in danger; jeopardy; menace; risk.
antonym –  guard; protect.
9. Impetus:

noun – a moving force; impulse; momentum. Catalyst. Goad. Incitation. Spur. Urge. Drift.
ant0nym – deterrent; restraint; block.
10. Impetuous:

adjective – acting w/o thinking. Sudden. Rash action. Unbridled. Vehement. Violent.
antonym –  calm. Considerate. Circumspect.

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