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Topper Interview CGL 2013: Mr. Anish R.Pillai’s Interview Experience

f41ef2f2SSC CGL 2013 – Interview Experience – General Ex-Serviceman

Date: – 09/01/2015

Time 15:30 PM

Panel:– KKR Zone Panel-1 [2 Ladies (L1- Chairwoman), L2 & 1 Gentleman (M1)]

Duration:– 30 Minutes approx

My Interview Marks – 80/100

Selection – Income Tax Inspector

Qualifications:- Diploma in Electronics BSc in Aeronautical Science MBA in Total Quality Management

Work Experience:- 10 yrs in Indian Navy an Avionics Artificer 5 yrs in TATA-IAI as Avionics Specialist Currently unemployed for the last 7 months

I was the second last person to appear before Panel-1 on that day.

Attender called my name,
(I gently knocked the door, then push opened it, and asked for permission to enter)
“May I come in, Sir”.

Chairwoman (L1):- “Come in”
Me :- “Good Afternoon Ma’m, good afternoon sir”

L1 :- “Good afternoon Anish, pls be seated”
(I gently sat on the chair and adjusted myself well in the seat quickly.)

L1 :- “Anish, did you ask that last person what were the questions asked to him during his interview..?”
Me :- (I got shocked with this unexpected question, but I had decided not to say any lie during the interview, so with a fake smile I uttered) “Sorry Ma’m, I didn’t get an opportunity to speak to him as he left very quickly after the interview, and also we were prohibited from making any noise at the waiting room”.

All three members burst into laughter,

L1 :- (laughing) “so, it was just a lack of opportunity..?”
Me :- “Yes ma’m”

L1 :- “Well Anish, tell me how did you get your name, what does Anish mean?”
Me :- “Ma’m in Sanskrit, Anish means Sun God. In Hindu & Muslim mythology it means Supreme.”

L1 :- “Okay, From your Bio data, I understand that you worked as an Aviator, tell me what is the significance of Today in Indian Aviation”
Me :- “Ma’m, Today, Vistara is commencing its first commercial operations in India with a flight between Mumbai & Delhi”

L1 :- “Okay, tell me which are the companies collaborated for Vistara?”
Me :- “TATA Sons & Singapore Airlines”

L1 :- “What is TATA’s contribution to Indian Aviation?”
Me :- “JRD Tata was the first Indian qualified Pilot dated back 1920s, He had started domestic Aviation services in India in the name of TATA airlines as a courier flight between Lahore & Delhi. So he is fondly called the pioneer of Indian Aviation”

L1 :- “What happened to TATA Airlines then?”
Me :- “After independence, TATA Airlines was nationalised and renamed as Air India”

L1 :- “Is there any other Partnership TATAs having in Aviation, presently.?”
Me :- “Yes Ma’m, TATAs have stakes in Air Asia India as well”

L1 :- “Okay, who is the Indian head of Air Asia India?”
Me :- “Mittu Chandilya”

L1 :- “What are the latest trends in Aviation?”
Me :- “After the Malaysian Airlines mishap, there are plans for installing ejectable Black boxes in Aircrafts.”

L1 :- “Anything else?”
Me :- “Solar Powered Aircrafts are making its way”

L1 :- “What is the name of the recently carried out Solar powered Aircraft mission”
Me :- “Sorry ma’m, I too heard it but now I am able to remember only the first part of its name, it is something like Solar…..”

L1 :- “It is Solar Impulse”
Me :- “Thank u ma’m”

Chairwoman (L1) passed the baton to the Gentleman (M1),

M1 :- “Anish, You are an electronics engineer, so I am going to ask you some technical questions”
Me :- “Okay Sir”

M1 :- “What is sonic wave?”
Me :- “Signals which are audible to humans, that is signals with frequencies between 20-20000 Hertz”

M1 :- “What is Ultra sonic.?
Me :- “Sound waves beyond sonic frequency range”.

M1 :- “Could u tell any use of Ultra sonic waves.?”
Me :- (From my Naval service background) “Ultra Sonic waves are used in Sonar to determine the depth of the ocean’

M1 :- “Do you know any other use of Ultra sonic waves.?”
Me :- “Sorry sir”

M1 :- “Have u ever heard this in connection with hospitals”
Me :- “Yes sir, In hospitals as ultra sound scan”

M1 :- “Do u know something about Ultra sound scan.?”
Me :- “Sorry sir”

M1 :- “Okay, tell me what is supersonic?”
Me :- “Supersonic are speeds more than the speed of sound waves, that is speeds beyond 330 meter/sec”

M1 :- “What is hyper sonic?”
Me :- “Speeds much higher than supersonic, that is nearly 5 times or more than supersonics”

Now, Chairwoman (L1) intervenes,

L1 :- “Do we have any supersonic aircrafts in India?”
Me :- “Yes Ma’m, Indian Air force is using Sukhois, Mirages & MIGs which are supersonic”

L1 :- “what is the unit of sonic speeds in Aircrafts?”
Me :- “It is called Mach number”

L1 :- “Do we have any commercial supersonic aircrafts?”
Me :- “Presently no such aircrafts”

L1 :- “Was there any such aircrafts previously?”
Me :- “Yes Ma’m, Concords were there”

L1 :- “What happened to Concords?”
Me :- “In the beginning of 2000s, the Concord operations were stopped”

L1 :- “why?”
Me :- “Due to Airworthiness issues and increasing number of accidents”

L1 :- “Okay Anish, from your bio-data I found that you were drawing close to a 6 digit salary from your last employer, why did you quit that job for this Govt job.?”
Me :- “Ma’m It has two reasons, Firstly, It was my long cherished dream to become a Central Govt officer. I delayed it only because I was lacking the courage to go after that, but now I am feeling much confident in my abilities and realised that this is the right time. Secondly, My previous company was undergoing an organisational restructuring and it was about to be taken over by a foreign firm. I was not so keen working under a non-Indian administration, hence I decided to retire”

M1 :- “But Anish, you may never get that salary in a Govt Organisation in your life time.”
Me :- “Yes sir, I am aware of that, But for me it is a trade-off between my passion and money. Here I am sure that I can become a loyal Govt servant, I have gone through the salary structure of this job and I am pretty comfortable with the sum.”

M1 :- “Any other reasons for preferring this over you old firm.?”
Me :- “Yes sir, I was permanently posted in Delhi. I wished a posting in south India”

M1 :- “But this job is an All India Service, it is probable that you may be posted outside south India”
Me :- “I know that sir, but here I can have a hope at least as there exists a slim chance for a south Indian posting. But in my previous firm, there was no chance of getting posted outside Delhi forever.

Now, Lady 2 (L2) intervenes,

L2 :- “Anish, you have done PG in Total Quality Management, why you have opted this subject?”
Me :- “Ma’m, its purely on academic interests. Having worked in Aviation systems, Quality considered paramount for us in every area of activity. But I found that people including me detest Quality control department for unknown reasons, I always wondered why Quality is so important if it is hated by all in the organization. Later I realised that it was due to the lack of awareness people ignore activities related to quality. So I have decided to take up a better study of Quality to be more responsible and sensible towards the aspects of Quality”

L2 :- “Well, Is I want my organisation to be quality certified, what certification I can ask.?”
Me :- “it depends on the type of organisation you are having”

L2 :- “Okay, I have an IT software organisation, then?”
Me :- “you can go for CMMI L5 certification”

L2 :- “What about environmental quality?”
Me :- “you can go for an ISO 14000 certification”

L2 :- “What is ISO 27000?”
Me :- “Information Security Certification”

L2 :- “If I have a general manufacturing supply company, then?”
Me :- “ISO 9000 can be suitable for you”

L2 :- “What is the latest in ISO 9000 series?”
Me :- “ISO 9001-2008”

Back to Chairwoman (L1) now,

L1 :- “List out a few Indian Naval establishments”
Me :- “INS etc etc etc etc”

L1 :- “Biggest Indian Ship?”
Me :- “Currently INS Vikramaditya”

L1 :- “Which is the Indian Ship currently being made at Kochi?”
Me :- “INS Vikrant”

L1 :- “Can any aircraft land on as ship?”
Me :- “No”

L1 :- “Why?”
Me :- “Fixed wing aircrafts needs a runway for landing and take-off”

L1 :- “How does an aircraft gets its initial upward momentum from a ship’s runway?”
Me :- “It is achieved with the help of a 15 degree slant structure made at the end of the runway called ski-jump”

L1 :- “Do we have ski-jumps in land runways also?”
Me :- “No”

L1 :- “Why?”
Me :- “The runways in land are long enough to give adequate forward thrust and upward lift to the running aircraft”

L1 :- “Very good Anish, u may go now”
Me :- “Thank u Ma’m, thank u sir”

I slowly stood up and repositioned the chair, smiled at them, Chairwoman showed me a thumbs-up signal, I quietly opened the door and left.


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