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Topic wise analysis of SSC CGL Tier 1


SSC CGL Tier 1 Analysis

 1. Logical Reasoning is the first Section of the Exam . This section is normally considered as easy and high scoring . A person with good logical abilities can score 40-45 marks in 35 minutes. It is mainly a practice based section and one should practice a lot of mock tests to score good in this section before going for the exam. This section more or less contains questions from the below mentioned topics only.




2. This section tests your General awareness. It is a knowledge based section and is considered as the most vast and tough in CGL exam . One needs to devote a good part of the preparation time to it. Then also he can’t be sure of scoring even 20-25 marks, which serves as one of the major reasons many aspirants don’t touch this section. As SSC CGL does not have any sectional cutoff , not preparing this section doesn’t hurt too much .

general awareness


3. Quantitative Aptitude section tests your capability to do fast and accurate calculations. It also needs presence of good logic and remembering some formulas. Practicing a lot of questions and relevant formulas is the key here to score good marks.

Many aspirants consider this section high scoring but at the same time it is the most arduous section to many other students. It requires application of frequently used formulas and methods but in new type of problems and that too with clock ticking. Normally a person good in Maths can score 45+ in 40-45 minutes.



4. The last Section is English Comprehension. Although , no one can prepare a new language in a few months or even in a year , but analyzing the pattern of the paper can give you an idea about the type of questions asked. And it is the most predictable section of the exam and therefore can be used by Hindi Background people to score good marks.

Nothing much has changed in the no of questions from different topics and their difficulty level in the past years. So one can easily prepare only the relevant topics to score good in this section. A well versed person can score 40-45 marks in 20-25 minutes in this section.



 We are also sharing the score analysis of SSC CGL Tier 1(2014), so that you can measure your performance in better way and can prepare accordingly.

score analysis


Now this was just a brief analysis of the exam to get you started on the right track with the right direction. Analyzing the pattern of the exam and preparing according to that, is the smartest way to score good.


Next we will share the strategy to prepare for Tier 1 and all the required study material. Stay tuned.

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