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SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience – 25 June 2015

Mohun Bagan

Today it was my turn to face the music
Reached the centre before 8 am, entered the SSC office at 8.30.
I was second in the list, document verification done and new pref uploaded before 9.30 am
Entered room no 802 at 10.35 am, greeted them (chairman +2 gents +1 female): Ch, M1, M2, F1

Chairman told me to relax and
F1 started : You did electrical engg from BESU, good. What was it called before that?
Me: Told
F1: What is it called now, and full form?
Me: told
F1: You play and watch cricket. Name major cricket playing nations.
Me: told
F1: What is the historical of background of cricket that connects all the nations? Told but she did not look satisfied but was overall satisfied,

The baton was passed to 2nd gentlemen(M1)

M1: What is the difference between electronics and electrical? Me: Initially struggled but explained in details later he was satisfied.
M1: Sun is the ultimate source of energy .Justify it.
Me: I thought he wanted me to explain in electrical point of view. He stopped me and told in Bengali: biologically explain koro. You have read it in 10th standard. I got his point ,he wanted me to explain it on photosynthesis angle. Explained. He was happy.

The baton was passed to third member(M2)
But before that F1 asked me
F1: What is SAARC?
Me: Told
F1: Why Singapore is not in the list?
Me: I tried to guess but she said it, Ok! You are guessing, its ok leave it.

Finally third member(M2).
M2: Where did u stay in your college?
Me: Told.
M2: There is a playground there, is it not?
Me: Yes, told, I used to play cricket there.
M2: So, you are a bowler, batsman or all rounder?
Me: I told I can only bat with a smile.
M2: He told he have a perfect GS for me. In how many ways a batsman can get out.
Me: Told but i forget to mention obstructing the field, Chairman reminded me that.
M2: Today techlonogy has developed in a drastic way, mainly in electronics, can electronics take over electrical?
Me: Explained
M2: Name me some industry which depends highly on electricity
Me: I told but he was not getting what he wanted to hear.
Chairman tried to explain me the question but still i could not answer properly.

And here comes the best man of the panel the Chairperson(Ch)

Ch: Asked me a question on 2 pole sync motor
Me: But I forgot the formula,
Ch: Ok, forget it. The rotating speed of same syn motor in India and US, will it be same or different?
Me: Answered
Ch: AC-DC difference? how transformer works?
Me: Told
Ch: You did your project on solar system, name me some process.
Me: I knew only one told and tried to explain, he told me not to explain technically, I tried to explain solar pond, he never heard it before, explained but did not look interested
Ch: Last question, What is your motivation for this job?
Me: Told I like to be a Grade A officer in a good administrative post,
Ch: Stopped me and told why not pvt job, you can do better in that sector, opportunity is better there? What is your motivation?
Me: I told govt job will provide me job security and I like field jobs
Ch: Again, he stopped me, but you have never done field job. Asking again, “what is your motivation”?
Me: I tried to convince him again but he was not satisfied with my answer
Ch: So basically you need a govt job
Me: Yes sir
Ch: Ok, thank you.

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