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Interview Experience shared by Rahul Garg(AIR 5)


Interview Experience shared by

Rahul Garg, Income Tax Inspector
CGL 2013 AIR – 5


Stage 1(Pre-Interview)

Bio-Data : I’ve filled bio-data with utmost care. Each and every word written in bio-data is thoroughly prepared and linking questions also.

Topics Prepared : Constitution , Politics , current affairs , Modern History , Technical (B.Tech – ECE), Current job(Accenture) ,Government Schemes and initiatives, hobbies.


Stage 2(Interview Day)

Attire: Formal Shirt with Dark Trousers. Tie and “Jacket” .Shaved , Black shoes , dark coloured socks. Could not buy a formal suit since I came to Delhi 1 night ago.

Eleventh hour Preparation – Just before my turn, someone told the official (who was checking my documents) that the Interview panel is in hurry to leave. So, he should speed up the document verification of the candidates . This gave me an idea that they are not going to ask very tough questions and will wind it up early.

So, having a little bit idea of the mood of interview panel and topics on which interview panel is inclined on that day will help you to quickly strategies.

Interview started at around 3:30 PM.

Panel Members : 3 Members – 2 Male , 1 Female

Q- You are a Software Engineer and working in Accenture which got a very good brand name. Your package is also good and it will increase with time so why do you want to join a Govt job.?

A- Answered this question but not very well. Telling all the benefits of being in a Govt. job and how I want to serve the country by taking a Civil job . But he was not satisfied with the answer as the answer was very “generic”.

  1. Recently there had been elections in some states. Which states are these?

A- Maharashtra and Jammu & Kashmir.

  1. Whose Govt is going to be formed in Maharashtra.

A- BJP but in alliance with “some party”.

Q- What is the role of NCP. There has been some news regarding that.

A- NCP is providing Unconditional Support to BJP for Govt formation. So now BJP with their combined numbers can form the Govt and Shiv Sena’s role will be negligible. It will help BJP to bargain with Shiv Sena.

Q- Who got how many seats exact figures.

A- BJP : 122, Shiv Sena : 63, NCP : ??

Q- Who is the Governor of Maharashtra ?(as i was working in Mumbai that time)

A- Did not know the answer.

Q- Total no of assembly seats in Delhi and how much needed for Govt formation.

A- 70 : Total seats, “35” needed for Govt formation.

Q- Which is the Other state where election held?

A- Kashmir.

Q- What’s the status there.

A- Umar Abdulla has resigned. Now BJP and PDP can form a coalition government.

Q- There is some disagreement between these two parties.

A- There are two main concerns :

Article 370 which provides special status to Kashmir in Indian Constitution . BJP in its manifestos for elections of Lok Sabha & Jammu Kashmir promised to revoke this arcticle but PDP won’t agree to that.

Second major issue is AFSPA which is Armed Forces Special Power Act. PDP promised to have it revoked but BJP is not ready for that.

Q- So According to you how the Govt will form?

A- Both parties will compromise. Article 370 and AFSPA both will remain.

Q- Before these elections , where else elections held and what was the result.

A- Haryana, BJP had the majority and hence formed Govt. Told

the name of the CM as well.

Q- What all electronic items you have at home.

A-This question came as a surprise to me. I don’t know how but I was puzzled. I was confused whether he is asking this only .I replied TV , Fridge , Washing Machine. That’s all came to my

Q- Which state has been divided recently.

A- Andhra Pradesh into Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Q Why ??

A- Told them about the history of two states. That they were different states till 1950s but due to common language they were combined into one state as Andhra Pradesh. Now people of
Telangana think Andhra people are coming to their state and taking all the jobs , which leave them jobless.

Q- There is one other major reason for the division. What is it??

A- Guessed 2 or 3 reasons but they said those were the minor issues. I am missing something. Then they gave hint by saying one state is underdeveloped in comparison to other.Which state is that. I thought since Hyderabad and Secunderabad are in Telangana , Andhra Pradesh would be less developed . But that assumption was wrong . They corrected me. Other parts of Telangana were very poor and underdeveloped .

Q- Which plane has crashed recently?(current Affairs : international)

A- I told the correct answer that it Was an AirAsia plane from Indonesia to Singapore . It got crashed with 162 people on board.
But the person who asked this question said to me that I am correct except, the destination was not Singapore but Malaysia. I told him AirAsia is owned by a Malaysian Businessman but
the destination was Singapore only. He said no I am wrong. I politely said It is possible sir I may have wrong information.


Stage 3 (Post Interview) : Self Analysis

1 . One should always wear a Suit for interview . It shows how serious you are for the job. You look good and decent in a good Attire . Professionalism must be there in your personality and wearing suit adds up that in your personality traits in an interview.

2 . One should always keep reasoning with himself why he wants the offered job and why he wants to leave the current job .

  1. One should know the reasons why he has filled first 2 preferences in Post Preference form. Cross questioning with oneself, will help a lot in this regard.
  2. I am from Electronics background therefore I should have also prepared DBMS , Networking, Antennas even though no question was asked from these subjects.
  3. Everything about native place and the places one has worked in last 3-4 years.
  4. If you don’t know the answer then be straight forward and say Sir/Mam, I’ve no idea about this or Don’t know about this.
  5. If you are not sure of your answer as you might have only bits and bytes of that question topic then start with – “To the best of my knowledge”


Marks Scored – 59/100

I wish best of luck to all successful aspirants of CGL 2014.


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