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Interview Experience shared by Aditya Rana (AIR 72)


Interview Experience Shared by

Aditya Rana, Income Tax Inspector

CGL 2013, AIR 74
Interview venue- Chandigarh
Subject- B.Sc. (H) physics


Stage -1 (Pre interview) – I filled the bio-data form with correct and precise information. As I didn’t have any extracurricular activities, no NSS/NCC or social participation and no job experience. So, three sections of my bio-data form (Job experience, social service and extra co-curricular activities) were blank. However, the sections I filed in bio-data form were prepared properly considering the scope of cross questioning on them.

Hobbies mentioned in bio-data form are watching cricket and Barclay’s premier league

I arrived in Chandigarh one day earlier and reached the interview venue on time.

Attire – I was in complete formals i.e. Formal Suit, Tie, Black shoes, clean shaved.


Stage -2 (Interview) – My Interview scheduled before lunch and I entered in the room at 11.55 AM.

4 members were there in my Interview panel (2 F + 2 M).

I wished the panel and sat on the seat which was placed in front of them.

F1 – So you are from Hindu College, Delhi University and Physics Hons. , interesting..

F1 – Are u preparing for the civils?

Me – No mam, I’m just preparing for SSC and Banking exams.

F1- As u r from physics background, tell me how the television works? (That lady was having a small booklet in which she had written a no. of question)

Ans- I told her the cathode ray tube working and how the cathode ray travels.

F1- Older televisions were b/w and now they are coloured, why? (Said that you are from a good college, you must be knowing it)

Ans- I told her about the vibgyor thing, how the prism split the white light into 7 colours and electron gun producing rays of different How colours.

F1 – what is the difference between landlines and mobile phones?

Ans – Landlines work on the signals travelling through the wires whereas mobile phones work on the electromagnetic waves which are having specific band width and also associated the 2G, 3G with mobile phones.

M1- What is electromagnetic spectrum?

Ans- Told him the whole spectrum

M1- What is spectroscopy?

Ans- Sorry sir, I don’t remember.

M2- (seemed like Chemistry Teacher) – What is the difference between Mendeleev’s periodic table and modern table?

Ans- Mendeleev was based on atomic mass but modern is based on atomic number

M2- Problem with Mendeleev’s table?

Me- I answered it partially like some elements show anomalous behaviour but he told me the missing part in my answer.

M2- Valency of carbon?

Me- tetravalent

M2- Define Valency?

Me- I said no. of electrons in the last shell but he corrected me that no of electrons lost or gained to attain stable configuration.

M2- Bohr formula for spin?

Me- Didn’t answer

M2- Have u heard about moment of inertia? What is its unit?

Me – Yes sir, it is the circular motion’s analogue for mass. And unit is kgm2. But he said I am wrong. I said sir moment of inertia= MR2 so it should be kgm2. Again he said no, than I said okay sir! (Might be he was checking my confidence level).

M2- Difference between centre of mass and centre of area?

Me- The point where whole mass of a body is concentrated is called centre of mass but I didn’t know about centre of area.

F2- What do you think is the actual time when the advancement in science and technology took place in India? (Googly)

Me- According to me it was the time in Central 1970s when Smt. Indira Gandhi gave permission for nuclear test at Pokhran and no other country came to know about was a major scientific achievement and since then we have not looked backward. She asked just one question.

M2- he asked, what u have been doing after your graduation?

Me- I have been giving home tuitions in maths and physics sir to help my family financially as my father has been bed ridden for the last 6 years. Then he asked some basic maths questions like 3 + 2*0 and square root of 0.9 (this I answered wrong) and then it ended!

No current affairs, no questions on hobby, no polity nothing else! So it’s not necessary to have job experience, or any other certificate.


Stage -3 (Post Interview) – Self Analysis

The things that matter are your confidence, interaction with panel and knowledge.

Good luck!

Interview marks- 65


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