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Custom Examiner (CBEC) – In Demand post in CGL

Custom Examiner (CBEC)

Job Code: M

Grade Pay: 4600

Salary in X city: Rs.41022

Salary in Y city: Rs.37604

Salary in Z city: Rs.35890

Vacancies in 2014: 848

The most discussed and most infamous post for Under Table Money, yet the best post in promotion profile is “EXAMINER”

As explained in our previous Excise Inspector job profile, Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) have 2 branches i.e. Customs and Excise.

Examiners selected through CGL Exam works in Custom branch of CBEC

Process after Selection

After getting selected for Examiner in final result your dossiers will be sent to CBEC Head Quarters in Delhi. After receiving dossiers, CBEC dept. will ask your preferences for the cadre e.g. Mumbai Custom Zone, Chennai Custom Zone etc., so no state preference will be asked. After receiving preferences CBEC then allots Custom Zones on the basis of Merit vis-à-vis preference basis.

After allocation, your dossier shall be sent to the respective Custom Zones and then you will get a call for physical test from that respective zone.

Reminder for Physical Test – See CGL Notification (If you don’t fulfil physical standards, please then do not fill examiner in your top preferences or else you won’t get any job from the CGL exam)

After being successful in physical test you will get your joining letter.

After Joining

Work Profile

926Examiner is an all-time coastal job. If posted in current posting then the main duty of an Examiner is to give clearances, he has the power to access and examine goods, power to take samples, examine the cargo which needs to be imported or exported to other countries and then, levy the charges (duty) on that shipment. After examining the goods, examiner need to prepare lists, check market values of confiscated goods, loading and unloading of the goods whether generally or specifically, escorting goods from one Customs area to the other(esp in case of gold and other precious material), and any other customs work authorised to him by the Commissioner of Customs. Moreover, an examiner also need to help the officers in Auctioning of Goods.

Work Pressure/Working Environment

Work pressure in examiner depends on the posting, if you are posted in current posting i.e. on port than you might need to work extra hours and on weekends too. There is always a pressure from seniors and an honest person if become examiner feels himself uncomfortable in the deep rooted corrupt system.

Pay for overtime 

6AM-8PM(Working Days) 8PM – 6AM(Working Days) 6AM-8PM(Holidays) 8PM – 6AM(Holidays)
Examiners   Rs. 75/hr Rs. 100/hr Rs. 105/hr Rs. 145/hr

Working Conditions are quite good, well-built infrastructure and facilities will never let you feel that other posts have anything better to offer.


Current sanctioned strength of examiner cadre after restructuring stands at 1595; for appraiser it is 1194 and for ACIT it is 3367.

Now, SSCtube analysis –

Appraiser is only appointed by promotion of examiner cadre as there is no direct recruitment in the cadre of appraiser. Hence, Examiner has fastest first promotion among all other offered posts of CGL.

Appraiser to Examiner Ratio – 1: 1.33

Now, the promotion to Group A, Junior Time Scale i.e. Asst Commissioner(AC) should be made on the basis of a common Seniority List of all the three feeder grades (Superintendent in Excise, Superintendent in Customs, Appraiser) 13:2:1 (Initially it was 6:1:2 but supreme court order changed it to 13:2:1)

For Instance if 16 Asst. Commissioners(ACs) are to be made through promotion from three group B feeder cadres then 13 will be promoted from Superintendent in Excise, 2 from Superintendent in customs and 1 from Appraiser.

Now, one more point needs mention before putting up the promotion aspect of Appraiser as AC. The 50% of non-reserves AC i.e. 625 are directly recruited from UPSC. Thus, only 2742 ACs should be made from promotion. Now according to ratio 2228 ACs should be made from Superintendent in Excise, 343 from superintendent in customs and 171 from appraiser.

So AC to Appraiser ratio is 1:7 means 1 Appraiser out of 7 will get promoted.

So, in current scenario promotion of Appraiser to AC get slowed drastically which can be understood from changed ratio and changed cadre strength.

Time frame of promotion in current scenario

Examiner(4600) to Appraiser(4800) – 4-5 years

Appraiser(4800) to Appraiser (5400) – 4 years

Appraiser (5400) to AC(5400) – 5-7 years


Its a non uniform job (PO, Excise Insp. have uniforms). Social respect and pride is attached with this post. An examiner enjoys much power when posted in current posting i.e. on port. As mentioned in work profile this is the only post offered through CGL which provides so much authority to a Group B Non- Gazetted officer, which other posts don’t have.


In the Examiner profile, you will remain only in coastal region, so spouse ground for transfer will not work if you want non coastal transfer. Moreover, Examiner is liable to transfer anywhere in his custom zone. You may get temporary deputation(usually 1 year) to Northern India, but otherwise would stay in coastal areas only.


Examiner is the most infamous post among others in terms of under table money. Hope you read the work profile of examiner above and got some idea how under table money can be made. Still SSCtube will try to explain how it is done.

Examiner has the authority to provide clearance, examine containers, cargo, assist officers in auction. So, abusing this authority will let him make under table money. The nexus is huge and everyone in the custom knows about it. So, the money flows from down to top including politicians. The below news will further clear the picture.

MUMBAI. 6th June 2012.

CBI has arrested Deputy Commissioner of Customs Nhava Sheva RK Singh and Customs Appraiser Sanjay Prasad for allegedly taking bribe of Rs 22000/- for clearing container of the complainant.

The Customs officials asked the complainant to pay bribe amount to their conduits Shashikant Kokate and Rahul Devlekar  Kokate who were appointed by them as their authorised agents for collection of bribe according to CBI sources.

The residences of Customs Officers have also been searched by CBI.

A posting in Nhava Sheva is considered to be most lucrative in the Department and it is the dream of every Customs Officer (from the rank of Appraiser to Commissioner) to have a posting there. Most of the Officers give their first preference to Nhava Sheva at the time of transfers and even Ministers and Top Officers of the Department recommend their own favorites for this posting.

Nhava Sheva witnesses a movement of 5000 containers each day and if one multiplies 22000X 5000; the figure is mind boggling.

Finance Ministry needs to set its own house in order by transferring Commissioner & concerned Additional Commissioners from Nhava Sheva as they cannot claim to be a mute spectator to on-going affairs  as they have their supervisory role. Since they do not have any work related to clearance of import (as the Bills of entry are finalized at the level of Deputy Commissioner); they have enough time and resources at their disposal to keep a watch on corrupt officers.

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All About Examiner in Customs (CBEC)

Posted by SSC TUBE on Saturday, June 13, 2015
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  8. What should we say if the interviewer asks us “Why do you want to become an examiner, why not any other 4600 grade pay post”?

    • Already mentioned in the post
      Best in promotion as compared to other CGL Jobs
      Moreover, the work profile of examiner gives him so much exposure within initial days of service which no other post can offer.

  9. can an examiner after reaching AC post get transferred to north region?

    • on deputation there are chances
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    • You will b applicable for interzonal transfer when you become Assistant commissioner

      • so that would be like 15 years 🙁

        • As per the promotion is considered chennai gives you the fastest promotion of all the cities . I had the same doubt earlier but got them cleared by M. Raghupaty retd I.A.S. and ex chairperson S.S.C.

  16. which city offers more bribe after mumbai
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    • you have to change your mindset for this job. Let me tell you the scene of those who joined examiner or other post with this mindset, they always remain dissatisfied with the job.

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  19. Hi,

    Due to so many vacancies examiner post will not be same as it was earlier with regard to UTM and promotion.
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    • Ur source of Info??

      • No source of info. I am also selected in CGL’14.
        I am just predicting.
        Examiner post was lucarative because there were very less vacancies earlier.
        But from CGL-14 onwards, scenario will chnage i guess due to extremely larger number of vacancies.
        Most of the candidates filled this post due to fast promotion and UTM.
        But now both of these things will be quite low as the number of ports is still same but vacancy has increased 300 times.

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