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CGL14; Kunal Kumar; Interview Experience – 19 June 2015,Eastern Region

A big thank you to Kunal Kumar, he took the pain to write his entire interview within an hour of appearing for it. Kudos buddy!

Interview experience
19/06/15 10:30 am

Mechanical engineering, Eastern Region

Two sirs, one mam. Now onwards I shall refer to them as M1, M2 and F1.

Asked for permission to enter , wished them good morning,they told me to sit and I thanked them.

Only M1 and M2 were there. Then F1 enters. I stand up for a second and wish her good morning.

M1: so mechanical engineer. Take this pencil and paper . Draw the bending moment diagram of a cantilever beam with load at the centre .
Me: I’m sorry sir . I don’t remember…

M1: ok tell me what is moment.
Me: told him. Also told him the formula and about the cross product.

M1: tell me the difference between vector product and scalar product.
Me: told him

M1 asks M2 to ask me.

M2: what is the second law of thermodynamics.
Me: answered. Also told them about the Clausius statement and one more statement regarding the second law.

M1: how heat gets transferred?
Me: sir, the modes of heat transfer?
M1: yes
Me: there are three modes of heat transfer:
Conduction , convection and radiation

M1: In radiation, how does the transferred heat vary with temp.
Me: it is directly proportional to the fourth power of temperature.

M1: What is the name of the law regarding that.
Me: answered. Also told the Stephen boltzmann equation.

M2: asked me about some law. Can’t remember. I hadn’t heard of that.
Me: sorry sir. I don’t know.

M2: explain joule’s experiment.
Me: told what it was about. Couldn’t explain.

M1: what is dharma. Bolo Ek line me
Me: jo bhi dharan karne yogya he. Ye Sanskrit se dhree dhatu se aya he. Dharayati iti dharmah.explained . (M1 seemed happy)

M1: tell me the names of five famous ladies from the Mahabharata
Me: answered

F1: your hobbies are interesting. Reading Mahabharata, hindi poems, going to the gym. Hmm…

F1: What is the full form of gym.
Me: answered

F1: which is your favourite poet.
Me: told

F1: do you remember any of his poems.
Me: yes. Told about the poems I remember.

F1: have you heard dwivedi prasad. What genre of poems does he write.
Me: answered in affirmative. But couldn’t tell her which genre.
She tells me.

F1: asked to write a word on the notepad.
Wrote it.

F1: long back there used to come a serial on Mahabharata. There was a character in it. He is in the news.Can u tell me who he is?
Me: he is in recent news?
M1: yes, very recent.
Me: the director of the film institute in Pune. But couldn’t tell his name.

F1 (happy) : yes. Ok ok. You don’t need to worry about the name. His name is gajendra chauhan.
Me: ok mam.
F1: why is he in the news?
Me: answered

F1: tell me the names of some other directors.
Couldn’t recall.
F1: ok. Have u watched the movie munnabhai mbbs?
Me: answered in affirmative

F1: who was the director of the movie:
Me: answered

F1: yes. He was also a director of the institute .
Me: ok mam.

M1: what is a black hole.
Me: answered.

M1: does a black hole transmit anything…
Me: no sir.

M1: I’ll ask you from the Mahabharata. Tell me if the stories are relevant today. In our situations.
Me: answered that they are pretty much relevant. Also explained one example relating an extract from the Mahabharata to present life situation and the lesson we can learn…

M1: thank u. You may go.
Me: thank you sir.

F1 asks for the pad on which I had written the spelling. Gave it to her. Thanked all and came out.

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