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CGL14; Abhay Singh; Interview Experience- 18 June 2015, Delhi Panel

Interview Experience 18/06/2015 New Delhi

Board 5

M1,M2,M3,F1 (Left to right sitting plan of interviewers)

After wishing them they told to take seat and I told thank you.

M3: Aap Abhay ho ya Nirbhay?

Me – answered

M3: Nirbhay aur Nidar me difference?

Me – answered

M3: India ne recent me kaun se satellite launch kiye hain?

Me – answered

M3: India kahan se satellite launch karta hai?

Me – answered

M3: Ye kahan hai?

Me – answered Sri Harikota, Bandipur

M3: Pahale ham kahan se satellite launch karte the?

Me – answered French guana

M3: French Guana me kahan se?

Me – answered

M3: What is telemedicine?

Me – answered

(Now turn of Old lady: F1)

F1: You are from Allahabad. Do you know Khusaro bagh?

Me – answered

F1: Ye kisase realted hai (she meant kiski yad me) aur wahan kya hai?

Me – answered

F1: Do you know West Bengal?

Me – answered

F1: Why we call it West Bengal and what is East Bengal?

Me – answered

F1: What was name of Bangladesh before East Bengal?

Me – answered (they all wanted to listen East Pakistan)

F1: 2 RTI activist ka nam batao?

Me – answered

F1: Koi female RTI activist na nam?

Me – unable to answer (mai to nahi bta paya..aap logo ke liye…….Aruna Roy)

(now again M3 taken responsibility…..)

M3: So you like watching RSTV programme: India’s World?

Me – answered

M3: What is special in RSTV that you don’t like other new’s channels?

Me – answered

M3: Why we need RSTV?

Me – answered

M3: Jab RSTV hai to lok sabha TV bhi hona chahiye kya aisa hai

Me – answered

M3: RSTV and lok sabha do alag alag channel ki kyo jarurat hai. ak se kam nahi chalega?

Me – answered

M3: Ek bill hai Lok sabha me pass ho gya aur Rajya sabha me nahi pass hua…..phir kya hoga?

Me – told joint session bulana padega

M3: Koi aur tarika?

Me – Ordinance

M3: Nahi, koi aur tarika?

Me – bola parties ko mil ke aap me bat karni chahiye (he looked unsatisfied)

(now turn of……..M2)

M2(technical): So you are from Engineering back ground

M2: What is Geostationary satellite?

Me – answered

M2: Why we call it stationary?

Me – answered

M2: Kitni doori pe place karte hain and Kyu?

Me – answered; R and T ke relation ki wazah se

M2: Asked DTH

Me – answered

M2: What is filter?

Me – answered

M2: TV tower se related kuchh poochha finally

(M1 ka bhi number aaya…….)

M1: So, you organized a meeting in ur village for cleanliness. What you actually did?

Me – answered

M1: Koi change aaya usake bad?

Me – answered

M1: Difference b/w gram sabha and gram panchayat?

Me – answered

(M2 ka dil nahi bhara tha….usane phir poonchhna start kiya)

M2: What is Multivibrator?

Me – answered

M2: Iske types batao

Me – answered

M2: Bharat ka pahla satellite kaun sa tha?

Me – answered

bhaiyo…..yahi thi meri kahani………

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