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CGL 2014 Interview Experience – 24 June 2015 , MPR region

Sanket Shivhare: Interview Experience.
Of the many mixed interview experiences we shared today, this seems to be of a decently good category. Thank you.

BE computer science

Venue -SSC MPR

Date- 24/06/2015

2 board were there, each having four members 3 male and a female member

1- Who got bharat ratna this year.
Replied C N R Rao and Sachin .
Forgot about Atal Bihari and Malviya ji

2- noble prize winner
Replied malala and sathyarti ji
Satyarthi ji k baare me detail me bta diya sav kuch ache se

3- Why SSC? There are ample of jobs in IT companies now
Bol diya ki pahle se decided tha ki govt services me hi Jana he, stability and reputation factor

4- do u know anything about statics.
Said sorry sir.

5- what is work
Force applied on a body and displacement in the direction of force

6- do pushing wall is work?
Said no

7- from hobby , recent news related cricket
Told about Bangladesh tour
They asked what is the reason India loosing
I replied entry of Rahman in bowling squad of Bangladesh and their consistency and better performance, I have not said anything negative about India team. I said they too play well but they played better

8-what is socket
Replied wrong , I said which connects network devices such as keyboard and printer etc

9- what is ethernet
Replied about nic, may be I m wrong

10- what is logical and physical address
Replied – machine address is physical address and is permanent and every device have unique physical address and told about ip address

11- what is statics ip address
Said permanent address

12- how bulb and tube light works
Told correctly

13- what is binary number ? Do computer really understands this or this is hypothetical
Said 0,1 and yes computer understand instructions in binary digits only

14- what is corruption , how to stop it, any law against it
Told and explained well

15- grade pay of tax assistant and ITI …
wink emoticon don’t know why they asked , even they gave me a notebook to write the grade pay
I think chairman was doing time pass with serious intention

16- do ip address change every time when connection get distorted
Said no sir

17- How your IT skills gonna help in SSC, it will get waste here
Explained ,they were little satisfied

18- how we broadcast a message
Galat bataya

19- Chairman was satisfied with my 7 sports certificate and 1 social service certificate.

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