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CGL 2014 Interview Experience- 23 June 2015, NER board

Gajanand Sharma
Place : Guwahati
Home state: Rajasthan
Qualification : BA
Presently posted in manipur as a DIVISIONAL ACCOUNTANT
There were 5 members 4m1fm
M1:tell the origin of sharma
Me: teold little bid but he was unsatisfied
M1: Sharma se juda huva koi sanskrit ka word h
Me: Sorry sir
M1:manipur ka problem kya h
Me: told effectively
M1: Manipur ke log sports me advance kyu h
Me: told
M1: Manipur ke kuch sports personality batao
Me: told newly persons like m c meri com sarita devi
M1: ye sab naye h kuch purane batao
Me: Sorry sir
M1 : manipur culture ke dances batao
Me: I knew 1 name but forgot there
M1: Manipu ki history batao
Me: told about establishment of manipur in 1972 but ….
M1: ye sab naya h 1940 se pahle ki batao
Me: Sorry sir don’t know
M1:chalo rajasthan ki puchhte h chittorgarh kaha h
Me : Told that a district of western rajasthan but actually in South rajasthan
M1: What is history of the Rajput of chittorgarh
Me: Sorry sir
M1: Are bhai rajasthan or manipur Dono ki history nhi pata Chalo maharana pratap ke bare me batao
Me: Sorry sir (I was shocked why he was asking about history as I have never read history)
M1: Earthshastra ke writer kon h
Me: Told
M1: Ye kiske time me the
Me:told about chandra gupt morya but he opposed my answer to check my confidence. But i said sir I have read about chandra gupt
M1: akbar se judi koi pratha batao mansabdari or Rajput ke alawa
Me: Again sorry sir Then he asked madam to question me…..
Mam: Which period literature u read in english
Me: Told
Mam:What was the name of the period
Me: told
Mam : Which writer u like during that period
Me: Told Shakespeare
Mam: Tell the five tragedies written by Shakespeare
Me: told effectively
Mam : Tell some comedies of Shakespeare
Me : told
Mam: which edition u like in comedy u have told
Me:Told about midsummer night’s dream
Mam: What kind of comedy is that
Me : told tuta foota not good
Mam : tell the characters of this play
Me : Sorry mam I knew but forgotten now
Mam : Tell some nature poet
Me: told 4 but 1 was wrong
Mam : Tell any edition of John keats
Me : Sorry mam
Mam:What u read except it
Me: Told some indian poet
Mam:Tell about toru dutt
Me: Told
Then Second Gentleman started asking question
M2: North east ke states batao
Me: told all 8 states
M2: Sabki capital batao
Me: Told all
M2: What are the duties of divisional accountant
Me: told effectively
M2: How do u perform ur duty
Me: told
M2: Who works under ur control
Me: told
M2: Tell only ur personal duties in office
Me: told
M3 asked only 1 q
M3: Why people of North East oppose the dam
Me: Sorry sir
M4: did not ask any question
They asked me to go and I thanked and stand up to go suddenly madam asked ruko ruko ….. GODAN kisne likha h I told musni prem chand ne likha h……
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