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CGL 2014 Interview Experience- 18 June 2015, Delhi Panel

Prakriti Rajrsihi

Btech(ECE) – 2012 batch

Panel : 1 F, 2 M

Entered the room by asking permission, by eye contact, from one of the interviewers. They were busy looking at the papers, so I waited for a few seconds to make eye contact then wished everyone individually. The lady offered the seat and I thanked her.
Chairman started by inquiring my qualifications I.e., and the branch. He look at the prev company name and said “xyz is so good company, but why this low salary”. He himself answered that our must be on probation.
Q1. Tell me about this company.
A. US based IT consulting and outsourcing company, headquarters, CEO, for many years in India.
Q2. What is your role.
A. Told
Now turn of lady. She asked as your name is Prakriti, i.e. nature,
Q3. What are the current climate issues.
A. Told about carbon emission etc.
Q4. Tell about pollution in Delhi. How to control.
A. Told about air, sound etc and scenario in Delhi. Told about dmrc, car poling etc.
Q5. Tell about ozone depletion.
A. Told. CFC, methane, co etc. Some points about acid rain, UV rains, effects like skin cancer and monuments degradation.
Q6. Tell isomer of ozone and formula.
A. Told
Now 3rd male asked..
Q7. Difference between led, LCD and plasma TV, which is better and why.
Q8. Working of led
Told full firm, immediately he asked about diode
A. I told pn-junc device which works on forward biasing. i.e., works in one direction, two terminals anode and cathode are there.
They were satisfied.
Q9. Tell about cyber crime. Pros cons
Told with small example.
Last ques: who is the founder of Facebook, in which year it was started and how can we use it.
A. Mark Zukerbuck (he clarified that it was his team of 4 ppl, I apologized that I didn’t know and thanked), around 2005 (he clarified 2004, he said be exact), then in uses I said, marketing, information sharing and spreading awareness etc.
That’s it they asked to leave.

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