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CGL 2014 Interview Experience- 18 June 2015, Delhi Panel

Neha Garg
Reporting time 11:30 AM
Interview started at 2:30 PM
Duration 15-16mins approximately or may be lesser can’t say exactly
It was a 3 male members board(And the electricity was gone so the complete interview went in mobile light)
I entered after asking permission

M1(central) We are sorry Neha there is no light
Me – No no, its ok sir. A very good afternoon sir (and also greeted other members)
M1(asked me to take a seat)
M1 – So you did your graduation from GITM. Where is it?
Me – Told
M1 – Is it run by trustees?
Me – Yes sir
M1 – Who is the chairman of the trust?
Me – Sorry sir. I don’t know.
M1 – Oh! Ok. You have done in computer science and also won various extracurricular awards. Basket ball bhi khelti hai. What was the extempore
Me – Told them.
M1 – What was the topic?
Me – Told
M1 – Again counted achievements, calling paper presentation. Acha, Hindi poem recitation. Aap Kavita likhte bhi ho?
Me – No sir. I recited a poem by Sh. Harivansh Rai Bachan ji
M1 – Harivansh Rai ji. Theek h. Blood donation – have you donated
Me – No sir
M1 – Acha! You organized?
Me – Yes sir and explained what all I did
M1 – Yoga shivir you have attended. When is international yoga day?
Me – answered
M1 – Isko kyun international yoga manaya gaya?
Me – answered
M1 – What are the origins of yoga?
Me – answered and Patanjali explained asthanga yoga
M1 – Kaun Kaun si countries follow kar rahi hai yoga?
Me – Tried to answer. Not so precise, but included Combodia etc.
M1 – Who are the yoga gurus?
Me – Answered including Govindaraju Venkataraman
M1 – Swami Ramdev kahan se belong karte hai?
Me – I told Mahendragarh district, Haryana
M1 – Good! (and asked M2 to question me) 
M2(seated on the right) – What are programming languages?
Me – Answered
M2 – Asked about cobol and fotran full form
Me– I don’t know (so M2 told me and then asked me to guess the uses)
Me– I answered
M2 – Asked about computer requirements while purchasing it
Me – Answered
M2 – Discussed on microprocessors and Ram
Me – Answered some and some I missed
M2 – Asked about storage devices Apart from hard disk (which I had already mentioned)
Me – Sir I can only remember hard disk
M2 – Said floppy, cd, DVD
Me – Added pendrive
M2 – Repeated my sentence and said cd ki speed kitni hoti hai?
Me – Answered in kilobytes
M2 – Smiled (and asked M3 to question) 

M3 – Bas 2 questions yoga par and fir thoda aur puchunga
Me – Ji sir
M3 – Yoga me Ram Dev teaches anulom vilom and Kapal Bharti and you do bhramri and udgeeth pranayama. What’s the difference?
Me – Answered quite specifically and precisely. Explained properly.
M3 – Right. You have got two jobs. One in principal cca and dfo cabinet. Joining nahi ya fir kya reason h.
Me – Answered it properly and told about dfo.
M1 – Said it’s a part of RAW
M3 – Asked me posting outside delhi bhi hogi
Me – Said yes sir
M3 – Acha tabhi
M3 – Ok, what’s the difference between council of ministers and cabinet ministers?
Me – Answered precisely
M3 – What’s the order of ministers (this M3 himself told and asked me aise hi hota hai ya kuch aur)
Me – Said aise hi hai
M3 – Who is the Cabinet secretary?
Me – Told Sh. Ajit Seth
M3 – Abhi change karne ki baat chal rahi h so has he changed ya nai suna
Me – Sir nahi idea
M1 – Sinha h ab
Me – Acha ji sir
M1 – All ok thank you beta.
Me – I thank you so much sir have a good day and greeted them all
And closed the door properly
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