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2014 Interview Experience – 24 June 2015 , Mechanical Engg , NWR Panel

Akshay Jangra

SSC NWR interview experience
Reporting Time 8.45 am
Interview time: 11.00
Chandigarh panel: 2m 2f
i think one male and one female from engineering background, other two are from general and current affairs

Female1 :(bio data in her hand) so mechanical engineer
Me: yes mam
F1: okay tel me about thermodynamics?
Me : told a bit i knew..
F1: is it ? bs yahi
Me: i explained a little bit more.
F1: okay tell me about engines?
Me : told everything about how many types 2 str, 4 strk
F1: tell the difference and which is better?
Me: told.
then some cross questions as usual.
Me: nodded….yes mam yes mam

M1: okay tell me about carnot cycle?
Me: sorry sir i dont knw.
M1: adiabatic process?
Me: a little bit i knew so i told him

M1: okay how would u check the strength of material practically?

Me: i knew one practical i did in engg, free falling weight vala. so told him
M1: okay…here comes the numerical. regarding work done potential energy.

Me: i knew that so i told him.
M2: okay u are in bank. tell me wat is RTGS?
Me : told.
M2: kitna tym lagta hai rtgs hone me
Me: told.
M2: one question regarding working capital requirement.
Me: told him wat i knew. he asked me about financial accounts(types). i didnt knw so didnt answer.
M2: wat are our fundamental rights?
Me: i knew only two so told him.
F2: u have done marine
Me: yes mam
F2: fresh water and marine water difference.
Me: told the basic difference.
F2: okay have u heard of sea weeds?
Me: i dint knew
F2: okay about marine pollution what are the causes
Me: told her.

All the best friends

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